We Enable The World's Best Developers To
Deliver Value To The World's Best Enterprises.

Our business is all about your capability

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Development Team

A team of what Slate call problem solvers. Best at what they do.

Data driven solutions

At slate we leverage data to provide the biggest impact for your business



Our Solutions

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Business Applications

Web and native software solutions that address specific business challenges

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Software Consulating

Seed our developers in your teams to upskill and light the way

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NLP and Data Extraction

Use leading edge machine learning technology to automate complex tasks

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UI and UX

Design experiences that are right for the business and a memorable for the consumer

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Analytics and AI

Create a greater impact for your business by leveraging big data and AI

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Infrastructure and Devops

Scale reliable system in the cloud

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Bring speed and scale to your innovation with our experienced technical teams

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Rapid prototyping

Build out an test a solution without excess time and money

Ashley Coker,

Slate CEO

"In everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We challenge the status quo by taking engineers for who and what they are. They just happen to write code."

Nationwide Building Society

Our team at Nationwide comprises Technical Architects, UI Developers, Javascript & React Engineers, Full Stack Developers and DevOps & SRE engineers. We’re involved in everything that happens, as it happens

Many building societies feel anxious about digital change. We can help unshackle them from legacy systems. It’s a chance for us to give back. To fast forward change in the industry. Read more about how we did this with Nationwide here.

Cambridge Cognition

Diagnosing dementia within 10 minutes? That’s fast. We designed an app to rapidly analyze and translate medical data into an accurate diagnosis.

For Cambridge Cognition, data is everything. One mistake can invalidate months’ worth of clinical results. So it's vital to create a system that is reliable, scalabale and accurate.

Seeding our engineers into the development team puts us at the heart of digital change. We give critical feedback as and when it’s needed.

As Slate, we have helped ramp up digital change across the financial sector - this is what we know - this is what we have been doing since 2016.

We have helped accelerate digital change. We understand your business from a technology perspective as well as the culture you desire. We have proven our model works.

Some of our shared successes

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Existing mobile banking app

Load times reduced from 16 to sub 1 second

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London Blockchain Foundation

Founding members

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Mortgage Onboarding App

For mortgage consultants to model mortgages for customer onboarding

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Acceleration Library

Provided our own code libraries used by IBM to accelerate apps production

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Future Web

Built and deployed next generation website for the world's largest building society

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Attracting and retaining talent. We have a steady flow of problem solvers asking to join us

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Covid-19 Payment Holiday App

Instrumental in the covid-19 response. The most elegant solutions you can do with a handful of people

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What We Preach

Code is a liability, not an asset, Digital is not scary when done right and Startup thinking - no egos

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Slate is a double helix of culture and technology

Why Slate

  • Orange ArrowUnlike other digital consultants we have dedicated developers who work so closely with you and your internal teams you will consider us colleagues
  • Orange ArrowWe understand Agile, DevOps and how to leaverage data to create the biggest impact
  • Orange ArrowWe will train, mentor, coach and advise developers in your team to improve knowledge and efficiency
  • Orange ArrowWe think differently from many consultants and strive to make collaboration as smooth and enjoyable as possible
  • Orange ArrowNo IR35 issues, as all our developers are employees of Slate