How to avoid being 'that' .NET developer

We hosted the September Reading .Net meetup at our HQ in Thames Tower.

Chris Bertrand (Senior Developer, Sage People) entertained the group with his presentation on  how to avoid being 'that' .Net developer. 

Watch his full talk below: 


Video summary: 

How to avoid being 'that' .NET developer

[00:00] Introduction

[00:10] The developer code 

[00:58] The one developer that doesn't adhere to the rules  

[20:00] Meet Joe - he doesn't like change 

[02:44] Except for when he does like change 

[03:57] Joe doesn't think for himself 

[05:21] Joe doesn't take responsibility 

[06:09] Does Joe do integration tests? 

[06:52] Joe loves open source software

[07:19] Any comments? No, not in Joe's code

[07:31] Summary  


Watch the other talks from the event here: 

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