Route To Cloud

Do you need this?

You have existing infrastructure in use across your business compromising of hardware and software. You have identified that running the same systems in the cloud would be easier to manage and more cost effective in the long run. Some systems are small, some are more fundamental to your operations so the risk of any downtime varies.

You know technology is the answer to improve operations and overall customer experience but you are not sure where to start.

How we help

It is important to have a good strategy for moving to cloud so we make sure each application has been considered fully.

We help identify clear KPIs to understand upfront what the planned spend or savings are after migration.

We take security very seriously and while cloud is inherently secure the services they provide must be configured correctly to stay secure.

All of this while making sure to avoid vendor lock-in so that systems are as transportable as possible in the future.

Why Slate?

Planning a route-to-cloud is a bit like physically moving from A to B, but some of the components are intangible or hidden from sight. The strategy we employ relies on working with you to identify data, applications and processes that may or may not be obvious inside your business.

So like moving house or office there is a lot of planning and preparation that needs to take place. This usually works out to be worth the upfront effort resulting in a more seamless transition and minimising downtime. To date, we have never taken a system offline as part of a well planned and tested migration staretegy.

What's the cost?

The cost of going wrong when migrating live systems can be much more than carrying out the migration itself. There is nothing worse than having to maintain two systems at once with live data because a migration did not follow a well defined plan, let alone the increase in operational costs and the friction that causes.

Our actual cost is of course related to the complexity of your business needs and requirements but rest assured this can often be broken down into manageable cost-effective chunks that can be as small as a few days work.

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