Tech Exploration

Do you need this?

You are facing an internal or external challenge or opportunity and need to map a specific technology to it. You may or may not know what the best technology to use is but you do know you need to choose the best match based on more specific requirements.

Alternatively, you may have already identified a group of technoloigies and would like an external opinion on the best way to proceed given the desired business outcomes.

How we help

We use a research and development style approach to exploring technologies not afraid to get our hands dirty with light touches to prove out early concepts to see if the specific tech is the right fit for the problem.

Emerging technologies often require further discussion with the vendor where we use our experience to make the best judgment calls on its suitability.

When integrating systems together we know how to compare custom solutions with off the shelf applications to achieve the best results.

Why Slate?

We have worked across many industries over many years in the technology innovation space across a number of clients. We have honed our skills in being able to deliver the results of this research back to your business in plain language for senior management to be abel to make informed decisions.

Slate can share learnings as we go or information can be digested into a report for later consumption or presentation internally.

What's the cost?

Not all technologies are documented to the same standard and so the focus of the research and development can change based on this. Timescales range from one several days to a few weeks but rarely would this take longer.

The right research means money is saved by investing in the right approach. Depending on the specific ask our costs may be able to be offset by gonverment schemes. Our costs are always open and transparent regardless.

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