MVP development

Do you need this?

You have a digital product design that needs to be taken from idea to reality and are happy to launch sooner with less functionality, testing your business concepts as you go with your target audience.

MVP or minimum viable product means developing just enough of a product that it is usable by early customers. You want to avoid unnecessary work with a focus on launching sooner and moving from there. You know what the core features need to be and are happy to roll out more advanced features and functions later as and when they are needed.

How we help

Given developing an MVP is all about launching a product by removing the largest barriers to entry, we work with you and your budget to get the product to market in a short time frame, reducing the risk of failure due to cash flow restrictions.

We help clarify what tasks are really M, and what are really V to find the right balance between launching a below average product rather than an excellent first version.

We prioritise work on visible and collaborative visual task management boards leaning on regular communication with your senior team to answer questions quickly.

Why Slate?

Developing something quickly does not mean it should be low quality. We have extensive experience in implementing the entire software development cycle in very short and effective cycles making sure your needs are met and the product is still easy to user and engaging.

We constantly keep a keen eye on working with the latest technologies and finding the right balance between getting things done and 'fighting the frameworks'.

What's the cost?

You can still build an amazing digital product without being a large company with deep pockets. Not all products are destined for the likes of app stores but can be released directly to the web much more frequently and cost effectively. All of this is considered in MVP development, all of which effect the cost which will be specific to your exact requirements.

It is very common in MVP development to be able to stay within free-tier offerings from cloud providers meaning infrastructure costs are minimal with only the cost of development tools to consider.

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