Cloud Migration

Do you need this?

You have digital assets, services, databases and applications that need to move to the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure).

You may have started cloud migration and lost your way or you may be moving from one cloud to another.

Or maybe you have migrated a system to cloud and it is not performing as it should or the cost has risen as it was not properly planned for.

All of these scenarios are covered in our cloud migration development service.

How we help

The main challenges of migrating to cloud often revolve around large databases having to move platform to be considered 'cloud friendly', making sure the data remains intact and secure and making sure that the downtime encountered is as minimal as possible throughout, ideally zero.

We start by helping to establish clear goals to measure success, making sure any strategy is security compliant.

We assist with writing any custom code that is necessary for systems to continue to operate. Once the cloud systems go live, migration is complete.

Why Slate?

Slate has a history of development practice and this makes us naturally very good and solving some of the smaller more technical challenges that can occur during migration.

Our curious problem solving team is well versed in all things digital and so is well armed to face the range of languages and technologies that can be touched on in migration projects.

We always work hand in had with our clients making sure they are comfortable to flick the switch once the test systems have proven themselves to stand up to the all important switchover date.

What's the cost?

Cloud migrations vary wildly in complexity with some ranging from a few days to the opposite end of the spectrum taking weeks and months. Still, we always break the (what might seem overwhelming) problem down into smaller parts as part of a well defined strategy (route to cloud) to make sure we bring you with us on the journey.

Our costs are always transparent and competitive.

Ready to start your journey?

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