Agile Product Development

Do you need this?

You want to build an app or software solution or system in small, consumable increments.

You want to take an iterative approach to software development. You want your teams(s) to deliver value to your customers faster and with fewer barriers to launch.

You understand that software development is highly technical and the best plans without the best work are nothing.

How we help

Slate aligns itself to the agile manifesto promoting

  • individuals and interactions over processes and tools;

  • working software over comprehensive documentation;

  • customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and.

  • responding to change over following a plan.

But it is experience in these areas that really delivers in an agile way. We know what it means to promote good communication and only document what is essential while maintaining the best comms with you, the customer.

Why Slate?

We focus on getting on. Slate has been working in an agile way since it was incorported over 10 years ago. We know what good looks and feels like and we can show you too.

The fundamentals of our business align greatly with agile delivery and everything from our company logo to the way we plan our christmas parties was/is decided in this way.

What's the cost?

We don't bring our own clunky frameworks to the table and make outlandish claims about speed of delivery compared to everyone else. What we do do is deliver, to give you the best return on investment possible. We consider you a partner rather than a client and to that end all our pricing is very transparent and clear. The actual costs depend on the scope of the project of course, but we always start small with speed and efficiency at the heart of operations.

Ready to start your journey?

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Featured Case Studies

We are proud to have worked with some leading thinkers and innovators

Salt Finance

Boat finance made simple. Thats the strap line at Salt - and that is what we did for Salt delivering them a fully fledged FinTech in 6 months from concept to production. Read more.

The Actives Challenge

Action-based challenges to help schools and families save our environment through sustainable living. We advised The Actives in our virtual CTO role and delivered them an MVP in record time. Next up, world domination. Read more.

Nationwide Building Society

We partnered with NBS the worlds largest building society to help them deliver across their digital teams from mobile to in-branch, agile to architecture frameworks. Read more.