S3 - Seed, Scale, Succeed


Disrupting Digital

The Slate Seed, Scale & Succeed model disrupts digital rather than digital disrupting you.

The principles are based on the DNA of the world’s best problem solvers, otherwise out of reach.

Designed so you can thrive, not just survive, you can own your digital future and fast forward digital change. Welcome to the age of digital, with you in the driving seat.

S3: Disrupt Digital

If your business is bogged down by legacy technology and you’re struggling to envision, implement or execute digital change, AskSlate.

You already have a team or teams of developers who write custom code and build you software solutions. This team may be onsite or remote or a mix of the two.

You may be struggling to hire the right people or feel like the existing setup is not performing at the level it should.

You would like help augmenting those teams with the right people who otherwise feel out of reach.


Digital change requires a ‘’start-up mindset” and people with a start-up mindset don’t work for corporates. Slate provides you with a very small start-up team of incredibly smart technologists for just as long as you need them.

They work within your own team, bringing about swift change. Upskilling your own employees along the way. There’s no faster way to digital change.

Our delivery model is simple – we help organisations fast forward digital change by upskilling internal teams. Our focus is on three things - seeding, scaling and succeeding.


We believe in creating teams where roles become interchangeable. Where there is natural accession to leadership by those that listen, co-create and upskill others.

We hire only the very best developers - problem solvers – creative thinkers who understand the importance of social meeting places where people can share ideas and break out of silos.

We understand that big businesses can be tempted to make big changes in the name of transformation. But big steps just end up creating lots of barriers and delays. So instead, we aim to shift this thinking to process experimentation, quick wins, and co-design.


This flow of information turns good social interaction into a learning process and, most importantly, leads to good decision-making, and digital change.

So we inject smart, creatively minded engineers into your internal teams.

And finally, we cap the number of Slate people within any division or project - trust at the heart of our model. We do not have a “bench”, and instead give you just the people you need, working in the most cost effective way with maximum return on investment.

Ask our clients.

Ask Slate.

Featured Insight

Trust is more than just a word

Richard James, Head of Digital Technology and Engineering at Nationwide Building Society, talks about why he trusts us at Slate to accelerate digital change for the organisation.

Our first project was to improve their existing banking app where we reduced the load time from up to 16 seconds to under a second. Following this success, we later went on to assist in delivering the Covid 19 response - the first bank in the UK to have a digital journey for the Coronavirus mortgage payment break.

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Featured Case Studies

We are proud to have worked with some leading thinkers and innovators

Salt Finance

Boat finance made simple. Thats the strap line at Salt - and that is what we did for Salt delivering them a fully fledged FinTech in 6 months from concept to production. Read more.

The Actives Challenge

Action-based challenges to help schools and families save our environment through sustainable living. We advised The Actives in our virtual CTO role and delivered them an MVP in record time. Next up, world domination. Read more.

Nationwide Building Society

We partnered with NBS the worlds largest building society to help them deliver across their digital teams from mobile to in-branch, agile to architecture frameworks. Read more.