Richard James, Head of Digital Technology and Engineering, Nationwide


“We had a problem.”

“When Nationwide first started working with SLATE in late 2015, the first project was to improve our existing mobile banking app.”

“SLATE smashed it out of the park.”

“The app was taking up to 16 seconds to load, but Slate got that time down to under a second.”

“It’s the SLATE team.”

“Their current structure is lean and works efficiently. There are five lead engineers supporting multiple mixed-teams across five separate hubs of thedigital business.”

Slate and Nationwide

Slate started working with Nationwide in late 2015.

Following the success of an initial mobile-banking project, the team based at Nationwide has grown to include and work alongside Technical Architects, UI/UX Developers, Backend Engineers, DevOps and Agile Coaches all working toward simplifying Digital transformation.  

Each week they spend their time working with the internal team and with incumbent suppliers to accelerate digital change for the organisation.

Slate understands that the hardest problem to solve in large organisations is cultural as much as it is technological.  Nationwide see Slate as part of their own organisation which is in contrast to how they view the larger consultancy firms that Slate work alongside.

Richard James
Head of Digital Technology and Engineering, Nationwide

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