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Established by Ashley Coker, we have grown rapidly without external investment, and have worked with a limited set of clients including - Nationwide Building Society, Aggregate Industries, Cambridge Cognition and British Horseracing Authority.

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“Slate really listened to what we were trying to achieve, and the work they do is of the highest quality,

British Horseracing Authority

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Early stage high growth tech businesses are very different from corporates in how they think and act. Lean start up thinking right is at the heart of what we do.

For example, we’re the driving force behind OrderZing, the leading technology behind innovative F&B food and drink mobile menu solutions. We developed their fully bespoke ordering and payment solution. From ordering on the latest smartphone to having tickets printing on impact kitchen printers powered by Raspberry Pi's, OrderZing developed key technology that is now in use by other vendors bringing their own F&B ordering solutions to market.

The Slate team continue to work on highly innovative start-up projects, with the opportunity to develop side-projects, work with start-ups, speak at meet ups and use their creative, innovative skills to constantly evolve, learning new skills every day.

It’s this energy and drive that we bring to big corporates.

“One of the most successful programmes of work we have ever been a part of”,

Nationwide Building Society

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We attract the developers that corporates can only dream of employing. With the option to choose their own kit, flexible working and a range of benefits, Slate attracts the very best talent.

For example, our combined software development expertise covers everything from C# to Asp.Net, Angular, Sharepoint, Windows Server, IoT, EYKO, Active Directory,TFS, MSBuild, React, Javascript, Linux and Blockchain.

But you won’t hire us for our technical skills. You’ll hire us because we:

  • ask all the difficult questions
  • lead from the front
  • accelerate digital change.







“Slate provide numerous innovations in extending digital offerings to our customers”,

Aggregate Industries

“The professional approach from Slate and their commitment to delivery was invaluable”,

Cambridge Cognition

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