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How we have helped our clients

Nationwide Building Society, First Time Buyer Calculator

Nationwide Building Society

Our team at Nationwide comprises Technical Architects, UI Developers, Java Script Engineers, Full Stack Developers and React Engineers. We’re involved in everything that happens, as it happens.

Many building societies feel anxious about digital change. We can help unshackle them from legacy systems. It’s a chance for us to give back. To fast forward change in the industry. Read more about how we did this with Nationwide here.

“Slate are how we want our people to be on their best day”

Cambridge Cognition Medical science

Diagnosing dementia within 10 minutes? That’s fast. We designed a prototype app to rapidly analyze and translate medical data into an accurate diagnosis.

For Cambridge Cognition, data is everything. One mistake can invalidate months’ worth of clinical results. So it’s vital to create a system that never has any bugs.

Seeding our engineers into the development team puts us at the heart of digital change. We give critical feedback as and when it’s needed.

British Horseracing Authority Sports activities

It’s not just the racehorses that need to be fast. Transmitting results does too. Our solution? An app to modernise the sector.

We work with stakeholders to navigate the digital change process and define the product journey. But embedding our engineers in the team is what really accelerates digital innovation.

We know the finance sector. We’re up to speed with the challenges around data sensitivity and maintaining accuracy. So we can deliver the best solution reliably. And fast.

Aggregate Industries

Solving problems for our long-term partner, Aggregate Industries, is what we do.

From loyalty app solutions to customer/supplier invoice portals, our unique thinking drives digital creativity.

Under time pressure, we migrated their entire app estate into the cloud (AWS).

Next steps? Upskilling and coaching the internal team on new tech to continue the innovation process.

Aggregate Industries platform


Smart cities need smart interfaces to control street lighting. We work with Telensa to develop complex solutions to this problem.

Through a process of rigorous testing and refining, we designed a system that controls the entire network remotely.

Our technical team supports implementation of this solution. Not only do we solve problems, but we lead internal teams to ensure rollout is effortless and fast.


From concept to design, we delivered a winning strategy for this food & beverage start-up.

Orderzing uses an entirely scalable software technology stack to enable mobile payments in the F&B sector. We help the client visualise their current state by evaluating the market, analysing the business challenges and defining the product journey. Through this, we help the team navigate any technical change. Slate is there to lead the entire process.