Aggregate Industries

We've been a long term partner of Aggregate Industries, working to create loyalty apps, customer/supplier invoices portals and transfer their entire app estate into the cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

British Horseracing Authority

We created an app to help modernise the horse racing sector and allow for the live recording of results at events. 

Cambridge Cognition

We wrote the interface for an app that can aid nurses with the diagnosis of dementia in patients through tablet technology. 


We worked on writing the interface that allows full user control of street lighting through smart city technology. 


From concept to design, we built and ran an entirely scalable software technology stack that enables mobile payments in the food and drinks industry.

We also engineered the client site raspberry pi solution, used to remotely control the venue's printers and control the queue of orders from point of payment through to delivery.

Nationwide Building Society

Following the success of an initial mobile-banking project, the team based at Nationwide has grown to include Technical Architects, UI Developers, Java Script Engineers, Full Stack Developers and React Engineers.

Find out what Richard James, Head of Digital Technology and Engineering, had to say about us here



Richard James
Head of Digital Technology and Engineering, Nationwide