HueBox Asked Slate:  Can you be our trusted technology partner?

HueBox is a unique and compelling large format dynamic lightbox business that encompasses everything about its strapline 'Turn On Attention'!  HueBox asked Slate for it's 'Tech Exploration' service and of course we were pleased to help.  Not only did HueBox turn on our attention but we were able to deliver software in more ways than we any of us originally thought!

The Ask

HueBox is a dynamic lightbox company that provides innovative solutions to various industries. With their focus on delivering the best technology to their clients through their channel partners and resellers, they required a technology partner that they could trust to help them achieve their goals.

That's where Slate came in. With their "Tech Exploration" service, Slate helped HueBox to discover the best way forward to support their customers effectively. 

We started by helping HueBox calculate the part lists and power requirements for all the available options, ensuring that each component was carefully selected to meet the needs of their customers. Next, we worked to build a pricing solution that was automatically tied to the manufacturing costs, providing instant quotes and the ability to order immediately. This was integrated into the customer portal and reseller ecommerce sites, making it easy for customers to get the information they need and place their orders quickly.

As the partnership grew, so did the scope of the project. Soon, discussions extended beyond the software portal and onto the more technical solution that forms the core of the HueBox offering - the dynamic animation of individually addressable LEDs.

With the expertise of the Slate development team, HueBox was able to not only deliver on their promise but enhance their entire offering. The trusted relationship that was established between HueBox and Slate enabled the two companies to solve complex technical problems and take the HueBox technology to the next level.


With the expertise of the Slate development team, HueBox was able to take its design process to the next level, providing clients with even more visually stunning solutions. The enhanced design process not only impressed clients but also allowed HueBox to stay ahead of the competition and continue delivering value.


Slate helped the print side of the business by making sure the animations aligned perfectly onto the printed materials.  The print process is a complex one, printing onto stretched fabrics with mm accuracy - using software to align the digital animation with the physical result.


Slate helped in the animation phase by allowing HueBox to share its animations with clients through an online portal and feedback service. This improvement made the animation phase more interactive and accessible for clients, allowing them to provide valuable input and suggestions. 

Slate Delivered


Slate streamlined the testing process from design to encoding the animation onto the dynamic lightbox.  We improved the accuracy and efficiency of the testing phase, reducing errors and ensuring a smooth transition from design to implementation.

Slate provided a thorough and comprehensive testing process, delivering confidence and peace of mind to HueBox and its clients.


RGB LEDs are different from white light LEDs in the context of a lightbox solution as they offer a wider color gamut, allowing for a wider range of colors and more creative possibilities. RGB LEDs have the ability to produce any color in the visible spectrum by mixing red, green, and blue light. White light LEDs, on the other hand, are limited to a single shade of white.

Slate helped HueBox support both types of LED with the same end-to-end process, providing a comprehensive solution for clients no matter what type of LED they choose. This was achieved through the expertise of the Slate development team and their ability to understand both RGB and white light LED technology. With this comprehensive support, HueBox was able to deliver a seamless and consistent solution for clients, no matter what type of LED they choose. The end result was increased client satisfaction and continued growth for HueBox.

DMX Lighting Protocol

DMX512 is a lighting control protocol used to control and synchronize multiple lights and special effects devices in theatrical and architectural lighting applications. Understanding DMX512 allows you to control individual LED lights, which can lead to stunning lighting results by enabling precise, detailed control over each light. By assigning each light a unique address, you can individually set its brightness, color, and other attributes, resulting in dynamic and visually stunning lighting displays.  Slate understood the protocol and applied it to enhance the HueBox product range.

Watch the videos

Either visit to find out more about their solution or watch these short videos to turn on your attention!

At Slate, we are proud to have been able to support HueBox in their quest to deliver innovative technology solutions to their clients. Our commitment to delivering technology solutions that drive business success has cemented our place as a trusted technology partner for companies like HueBox.

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