With the customer journey coming together nicely it's time to start considering the requirements for the admin journey.

The admin journey makes up the second half of the application. It's where the branch employees will manage appointments, rooms, timeslots and users. Currently, we are building an MVP. However, we should take consideration for any future requirements we may have. Shortsightedness now may hinder progress in the future.

To kick things off we go back to old fashioned pen and paper. Tackling each journey at a time we map out each stage as the user would see it.


Once we have those details fleshed out, it's once again time to draw up some wireframes. Not only does this give us a draft output to aim for but it also gives us the ability to share an initial vision with stakeholders.

Throughout the project, we have been staying within close communication with our stakeholders. This has been aided by having a simple line of communication (slack) as well as a staging environment that our CI/CD pipeline is pushing to.

We also do our best to get together to discuss the progress of the project, and the challenges we are facing and features that we possibly hadn't considered. You get the most value if everybody is kept in the loop.

This week we also had the opportunity to meet with our friends at the BSA. We will be doing a talk at their event in June. Aside from those discussing we took the opportunity to pick their brains about the wider Building Society industry. While we have a lot of experience working with the largest building society in the UK. We wanted to get a better understanding of the challenges some of the smaller societies face. This spawned some great ideas such as issues around COP (Confirmation of payee), The pros and cons of buying software off the shelf and building it in house and much more.

Tune in next week where we will begin defining our infrastructure as code.