What is the blank slate series?

We know building societies. We’ve worked with them on a daily basis for a long time.

So that got us thinking – if we could revolutionise their digital landscape, what would we do?

Could we create a product to help them? What would it look like?

Lots of intriguing questions there. So we’ve set up ’The Blank Slate Series’ to answer them.

Developer determination

At heart, developers are curious.

If there is a problem to be solved, we can’t help but get our teeth stuck into it.

And sometimes, even when there’s no problem, we’ll come up with one to solve ourselves.

We are constantly trying to challenge ourselves, too.

Our team has amazing technical expertise, and sometimes it’s nice to flex our developer muscles and show the world what we can do alongside our day-to-day client work.

Thinking on our feet

The idea we had at the beginning was simple, but impermanent.

Our CEO, Ashley, was in the middle of some lengthy mortgage application paperwork when he had a thought: we could simplify that process for customers by developing an app to manage document uploads.

Hear his thinking, in real-time, below:

Armed with that goal in mind, the team joined forces to develop the idea and come up with a proposition.

But no idea is really sound without some market research to support it.

Luckily, we’ve got a lot of friends in the industry.

And pretty soon after talking to them about the idea, we found that building societies don’t really have the appetite for a product like that. Sure, it would be a useful tool – but was it revolutionary for the market? Not really.

That meant we had to reframe our thinking quite quickly.

We weren’t phased by this – change is a really important part of process innovation. It’s quite fundamental to how we do our work and the reason why we ask so many questions.

Fast forward digital change

Being stubborn or locked into a single viable idea is what holds organisations back – we’ve seen it time and time again.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to think on our feet.

Well, back to the drawing board. Let’s start with a blank slate (see where we’re going with this?).

We came up with a brand new, better idea. And we’ve got a plan to execute it, too.

Find out what happened next in our product development challenge and read about week 2 here.