Here at Slate, we are using technology to solve ordinary problems in an extraordinary way. 

As an example, sites we use every day such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the essential marketing tools that allow us to engage with a much wider audience.

However, these tools don't go to the extent of creating and publishing marketing content for us, so every day, to keep our online presence lively, we need to come up with messages that grab the reader's attention, alongside a bold image compelling them to get in touch.

Let's say we had our post ready to send to the masses. It took 3 hours to come up with the perfect message and prepare the relevant imagery, but we finally got there. Wouldn't it be great if we could send this message out at a specific time to multiple platforms?

Introducing Hootsuite! 🚀🦉🚀 Hootsuite enables us to create a post and publish it to multiple platforms at once, which makes the process a lot more simple and saves us at least time, 2-3 times a week of logging into multiple social media platforms to publish our content.

We can also go a step further with this and use a convenient Hootsuite feature that gives us the ability to schedule posts to be published at a specific time. This enables us to spend a Sunday afternoon or a Monday morning planning the social media calendar for the week, or even, the month!

This is all well and good and addresses the need for the business to maintain an active online presence, but with the busy lives of Slate employees, we needed a solution that was managed by tech! 🤖💻🖥

The goal was to have a tool that was able to randomly select a post each day from a large pool of relevant, pre-prepared posts that could have an uploaded image attached to it and scheduled via Hootsuite.

Now it’s time for KeystoneJS to make an entrance! 🚀💻🚀 KeystoneJS is a headless CMS with a built-in admin UI that allows us to easily input and manage posts. We are also able to upload images using Keystone’s file adapter for Cloudinary.

A compelling post almost always has a professional image that helps tell the story. So last, but by no means the least, is Cloudinary - a cloud-based image and video management system with a few other bells and whistles. Directly uploading images into Cloudinary using Keystone means we can use Cloudinary's transformation API to manipulate the image!

So the last thing to do is to write a node script that runs at 3am every day and pulls in the social media profiles from Hootsuite using their rest API, and for each profile select a post from the pool, with its related image (if it has an image), upload it to Hootsuite's S3 servers and schedule the post to be published at 9 in the morning.


So to finish off, with a list of 300 or so messages and attached images you could effectively leave this tool to run in the background, scheduling social media posts and handling your online presence every single day!

About Slate

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