“We enable the world's best developers to deliver value to the world's best enterprises.”

That is the mission and purpose behind everything that Slate does.  But how?

1.  Diagnosis & Prognosis

2.  Problem Solving

3.  Engineering Change.

Easy right?  It is when you know how.  But existing processes and established culture can be the biggest barrier to change. Slate works with organisations to visualise their current culture, infrastructure and understand how it can be morphed into a state of continuous improvement and deployment.

Through our Seed, Scale & Succeed framework, we are able to disrupt digital rather than digital disrupting you.

The principles are based on the DNA of the world’s best problem solvers, otherwise out of reach.  Designed so you can thrive, not just survive, you can own your digital future and fast forward digital change.

Take a look for yourself here:

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Our delivery model is simple – we help organisations fast forward digital change by upskilling internal teams. Our focus is on three things – seeding, scaling and succeeding.

We believe in creating teams where roles become interchangeable. Where there is natural accession to leadership by those that listen, co-create and upskill others.

We hire only the very best developers - problem solvers – creative thinkers who understand the importance of social meeting places where people can share ideas and break out of silos.

We understand that big businesses can be tempted to make big changes in the name of transformation. But big steps just end up creating lots of barriers and delays. So
instead, we aim to shift this thinking to process experimentation, quick wins, and co-design.

This flow of information turns good social interaction into a learning process and, most importantly, leads to good decision-making, and digital change.

So we inject smart, creatively minded engineers into your internal teams.

And finally, we cap the number of Slate people within any division or project - trust at the heart of our model. We do not have a “bench”, and instead give you just the people you need.

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