At Slate one of the most sacred channels is out links channel. Reserved solely for posting links to interesting new tools, languages and anything else that we feel is beneficial as working developers. We lean on the power of the whole team to find new knowledge and stay on top of modern tech.

Here are 6 awesome links that have been shared in the last few months:

Tardigrade offers up a unique secure storage solution in the cloud. Compatible with Amazon S3 Tradigrade works by first encrypting your data then splitting it into pieces and distributing it across their decentralised network making it “virtually impossible” for your data to become compromised.

WebAssembly is a new binary instruction format that can run in the browser - client-side. Blazor is a library written to allow developers to build web applications in C# which compile to WebAssembly modules. Finally, Bolero is a set of tools and libraries to run F# applications in WebAssembly using Blazor.

This is one of my personal favourites - as a Svelte JS fanboy. Mdsvex brings markdown to Svelte. Allowing you to build components and pages using markdown and Svelte hand in hand.

Snowpack is web application tool-chain that solves the problem of having to wait for an age for your code to be bundled each time you save a file. It does this by not bundling your code in ways that traditional tool-chains such as Rollup and Webpack would. Instead it server your application unbundled and when a file changes it rebuilds that individual file. No more lag between code updates and seeing the changed in your browser.

Gremlin is a platform that enables teams to test their application and infrastructure resilience by purposely throwing a spanner in the works. Overflowing the memory, maxing out the CPU, crashing a process. These real-life scenarios can be triggered by gremlin as training to see how your application/infrastructure will fair and how your teams will respond.

React hook form is a form library for React that boosts best in class performance and ease of use. The implementation is extremely lean and intuitive. RHF is optimised to minimise the number and frequency of re-renders which is an issue you’ll likely come up against using other form libraries such as Formik.

There you have it. 6 links from Slates own developer curated list.