What we do

Simple. We work with large corporates to accelerate digital change. From financial services to civil engineering, distribution to insurance.


Using brilliant development talent that’s hard to hire, and even harder to keep, we work on your digital change agenda. Typically this is:

  • Accelerating an existing project with new thinking
  • Stand alone initiatives
  • Turning around a failing project.

Starting out

Usually we start with 4 - 6 people. A principal engineer to head up the project, a lead developer and a talented team to lead and shape the development.

Our goal

Simple. To be an extension of your team. As Richard James from Nationwide says,

“Slate is like I want my people to be on their very best day”

We cap our teams.

Unlike some of the big consultancies we’re not looking to grow and grow. We will cap our team in any organisation.


Here’s why:

  • We’re not here to replace your internal team, only complement it with talent you couldn’t hire.
  • You hire Slate to lead and upskill your people. Ask difficult questions.
  • We train, mentor, coach and advise developers in your own team – to make them more efficient.
  • No jargon – we understand Agile, DevOps and Scrums but aren’t slaves to it.
  • We cap our teams so that we stay a tight, focused unit.
  • Recruitment, culture, procurement and
  • HR teams love Slate. We make their life easier. Read more in UPSKILLING.
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